Here at The Arborist our beliefs are firmly “rooted” in the use of fresh, locally produced goods. Our plates have been nurtured to intertwine with each other, and we invite you to combine 2 or 3 to create your own meal. Or, if you feel like “branching” out, how about BBQ’ing our meat yourself, on one of our customer friendly BBQ’s. It can be quite “over-elm-ing” at first but our BBQ’s are safe and fun to use and “unbeleafably” social!

Please note we don't take reservations for tables of less than 8.

Monday to Friday 7am- 10am
Saturday brunch 8am - 3pm
Sunday brunch 8am - 2pm

Monday –Saturday: 12pm - 3pm
Monday - Saturday: 5pm - Late
Sunday afternoon
Public Holidays

The Eatery will be closed from 25th December to 4th January 2017.
The Rooftop hours BREAKFAST<br />
Monday to Friday 7am- 10am <br/>
Saturday brunch 8am - 3pm<br />
Sunday brunch 8am -2pm<br/>
LUNCH<br />
Monday –Saturday: 12pm - 3pm<br /><br />
DINNER<br />
Monday - Saturday: 5pm - Late
Sunday afternoon & Public Holidays

Rooftop Summer Hours
Mon/Tues 4pm -late
Wed-Sun 12pm-late

*weather permitting please check facebook for up dates.



12-3pm Monday - Friday

Burgers & Bowls

Burgers: $18

Lumberjack burger – Double beef patties, double cheese, house pickles & special sauce, milk bun, served with fries GFO

Hot bird burger – Buttermilk fried chicken, cheese, jalapenos, hot sauce, lettuce, tomato, milk bun, served with fries GFO

Pulled pork burger – Pulled pork, sauerkraut slaw, milk bun, served with fries

Tree lover burger – Kumara hash patties, cheese, mushroom mayo, lettuce, tomato, milk bun, served with fries GFO VO

Pulled pork tacos – pineapple salsa, avocado, mayo in flour tortillas DF

Bowls: $18

Jerk chicken – Jamaican marinated chicken thigh, black rice, corn wheels, char-grilled pineapple salsa

Tofu – Crispy tofu, sticky rice, pickled shitake mushroom, tomato jam, fried shallots V/GF

Ceviche – Coconut and lime ceviche, kumara crisps, avocado, pickled cucumber GF

$20 with choice of:

  • Coca cola range
  • Juice
  • Black coffee
  • Libertine Blends teas

$25 with choice of:

  • The Grayling Sauv
  • Square Mile Pinot Gris
  • TW Chardonnay
  • Church Rd Merlot
  • Chomp Pale Ale
  • Monteiths XPA
  • Heineken 330mL

The Bar Bites menu is also available from  12-3pm


from 5pm


Ceviche – lime, coconut, coriander & house made kumara chips $16 DF/GFO

Beef cheek – slow braised, carrot puree, carrot & coriander slaw $15 GF/DFO

Mutton backstrap – pine & rosemary salted, pistachio mint crumb, preserved plum jus $17 GF/DF

Crispy pork belly – parsnip puree & house gravy $15 GF

Crispy tofu – sticky ginger soy glaze $10 GF/V/DF

Jerk chicken - jamaican marinated boneless thigh $13 GF/DF

Salt & pepper squid – wasabi kewpie & coconut $12 GFO/DF

House smoked salmon - citrus cured, salmon crackling, sugar snap peas & avocado crema $16.50 GFO/DF

GF: gluten free V: vegan DF: dairy free O: option


Superslaw– kale, carrot, red onion, corn, nuts, cabbage, fix n fog peanut butter, nuts & seeds  $8 GF/V

Potato n Kumara- asparagus, dill & aioli  $9 GF/DF/VO

Mushrooms - slow cooked, basil pesto, parmesan & cashews $9 GF/VO

Zucchini noodles- seaweed, green beans chilli & orange mayo $9 GF/DF/VO

Char grilled corn on the cobb- cooked in chilli coriander butter $9

Apple & walnut salad- roquette, mint, feta, cherry tomatoes, with feijoa vinaigrette $9 GF



Grilled flat bread – sesame seed, bull kelp & kawakawa powder, hummus $10 V

Zucchini fritters - zucchini, halloumi, pea puree & tzatziki $12 GF

Pulled pork tacos - 3 tacos, pineapple salsa, avocado, sour cream $18

Harrisa potatos - & lemon baby roasted potatos $9 GF/DF

Parmesan fries - aioli $8 GF/VO


Lumberjack burger  GFO
double beef, cheese, house pickles, special sauce

Hot bird burger  GFO
fried chicken, jalapenos, cheese, hot sauce

Bean burger  VO/GFO
black bean & sweetcorn burger, cheese, lettuce, tomato, chipotle $14

Pulled pork – GFO
smoked apple mayo, sauerkraut slaw

Pulled pork tacos – pineapple salsa, avocado, mayo in flour tortillas DF


7am -12pm Monday to Friday
8am - 3pm Saturday & Sunday

Fully Loaded BLOODY MARY
With Streaky bacon, slider, cheese, fried gherkin  $20

Toast & Spreads -$7 multigrain or sourdough with your choice of Fix & Fogg peanut butter or house preserves GFO/DFO

House toasted muesli -$11 fruit salad, yoghurt, berry compote

Eggs on toast   -$10  eggs any style on sourdough or multigrain

Eggs & Hollandaise -$14  poached eggs, English muffins, choice of;

-Bacon $18

-Pulled pork $17

-Hot smoked salmon $19

-Asparagus & spinach $16

Turkish Eggs -$14.50 soft poached eggs, savoury Greek yoghurt, chilli & cumin buerre noisette, cashew and multigrain toast GFO

French toast -$16 egg soaked brioche bread, banana, Nutella mousse, orange caramel GFO

Smashed Avo -$16 avocado, whipped feta, popped capers, blistered cherry tomatoes, poached egg, multigrain bread - add bacon $5 GFO/DFO/VO

Breakfast Taco -$16.50 scrambled eggs, mushroom, avocado, black beans, tomato salsa, sour cream DFO – add chorizo $3

Welsh Rarebit -$17 savoury cheese sauce, corned beef, house pickles, sourdough GFO

Croissant -$18 house baked croissant, buttermilk fried chicken, bacon aioli, baby spinach

Creamy Pesto Mushrooms -$18   poached egg, parmesan, grainy bread GFO

Lumberjack Breakfast –$22 eggs, bacon, chorizo, mushroom, slow roasted tomato, hash brown, black pudding, sourdough GFO/DFO

Vege Lover –$22 eggs, mushroom, avocado, halloumi, slow roasted tomato, hash brown, multigrain bread GFO/VO
Add on:
Chorizo $4                                     Slow roasted tomato $4
Bacon $5                                         Guacamole  $4
Homemade hash brown $4         Mushrooms $5
Hollandaise $4                               Pulled pork $5

from 11am

Lumberjack burger  GFO

Double beef, cheese, house pickles, special sauce

Hot bird burger  GFO

Fried chicken, jalapenos, cheese, hot sauce, milk bun

Tree lover  VO/GFO

chickpea, broccoli, zucchini patty, relish, aioli, milk bun

Pulled pork – GFO smoked apple mayo, sauerkraut slaw

Side of parmesan fries small $4

*All burgers can be served on lettuce bun


Jameson Hibiscus Sour $16
Jameson’s Irish Whiskey, lemon juice, hibiscus sugar syrup, bitters & egg white. Relax after a hard day of log chopping with this silky smooth drop.

World famous fully loaded bloody Mary  $20
Now where do we start... just order one and bask in its glory- warning may take up to 15 minutes to create. The wait is worth it!!!

The Curious George  $20
Now where do we start... just order one and bask in its glory- warning may take up to 15 minutes to create. The wait is worth it!!!

Ferrero Rocher Martini $17
Had a hard day? Try our delicious creamy martini. Lewis Road Creamery chocolate liqueur, frangelico hazelnut liqueur and vanilla vodka

Margarita with a watermelon rim  $16
Tequila, cointreau, lime juice, agavé nectar, served on the rocks with a freeze dried watermelon and lime salted rim.

Hotel Nacional $16
Havana 3yr old rum, De Kuyper XO apricot brandy, pineapple juice, orgeat and lime. Shaken to perfection and strained into a coupe glass.

Rosebud  $16
Feelin’ like a classic? Vanilla Absolut, passion fruit, pineapple, cranberry juice, lemon shake and double strained.

Grapefruit Aperol Spritz   $16
Aperol, grapefruit juice, prosecco, topped up with soda, served over ice with a grapefruit garnish

Breakfast Negroni $17
A twist on a classic. Don’t be fooled by the name, this can be enjoyed at any time. Beefeater gin, campari stirred together with cocoa pop soaked sweet vermouth. So good you’ll want another.

We can also make classics, just ask our staff.